Introducing Cactus ( CAS )

Cactus Finance
3 min readJan 9, 2021


Castus is an innovative Binance smart chain token that re-imagines the concept of DeFI yield generation.

At its core, CAS charges a 1% transaction fee and re-distributes that fee to existing CAS holders instantly and automatically at the time of each transaction.

100% of the fees generated go to holders of the token. The percentage of fees you earn is calculated by the percentage of CAS that you own among holders. This generates a much higher yield than would otherwise be possible.

There is no team or central party that has to award the fees. There is no interface to claim the fees. No action needs to be taken on your part other than to hold CAS in a wallet you control

The Problem

The overwhelming majority of DeFi projects require trust in a central party and interaction with complex, buggy, and easily hacked contracts.

Rewards for interacting with these contracts often come from the minting of new tokens, necessitating confusing (and usually centralized) economic mechanisms that attempt to give the underlying reward token some value.

Developers who design and implement these economic reward mechanisms typically have no expertise in economics.

This places an enormous amount of risk on individuals that choose to interact with DeFi smart contracts. For simplicity, lets break down some of the different kinds of risk accepted by your average DeFi participant:

  1. Price and Market risk: Price movements of a specific token or the market as a whole that negatively affect the token holder.
  2. Trust related risk: Individuals or teams behind a project performing actions that negatively affect the token holder (rug pulls, large token unlocks and dumps, etc..)
  3. Security risk: Vulnerabilities in smart contracts or interfaces that the token holder interacts with.
  4. Economic Design risk: Tokenomics that are poorly designed and unsustainable.

The Solution

CAS is uniquely designed to address these problems and reduce the aforementioned risks. Lets look at how CAS reduces each of the risks mentioned in the previous section:

  1. Price and Market risk: These risks come with any free market. Anyone claiming to guarantee a specific yield or eliminate this risk are lying to you.
  2. Trust related risk: No ICO, No Pre-sale,No Fundraising. No vaults or treasuries. No community funds that could be mismanaged. No website or interface is required for the token to function. As long as BSC exists, CAS fees will be generated and distributed with each transaction.
  3. Security risk: Because fee generation AND distribution is baked into the core smart contract, security risk is greatly reduced. No external contracts or interfaces need to be interacted with in any way.
  4. Economic Design risk: CAS has a fixed cap of 5M. The yield comes from transfer fees instead of newly minted tokens. As you earn fees, the percentage of the total supply you own is increasing. Earning network fees is an established and tested method of earning yield.

Yield Farming with Flow TENET

Why Tenet ?
In DEFI space, the protection of assets is always important, that’s why we choose Tenet platform on #bsc .
Phishing developers can take all your LP tokens (RUG PULL) but with Tenet platform no one can take your LP Tokens.

There are few truly decentralized cryptocurrencies in this space. Tenet ( is one of those projects which is also backed up with secure, formally audited contracts.